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Preventive Dentistry


Smiles on Sandy believes that no dentistry is the best dentistry. We strive to prevent or minimize the amount of treatment necessary to restore health. We do this through placing protective SEALANTS. We utilize theDIAGNODENT laser cavity detection device. This has enabled us to find and treat cavities while they are far too small to be seen with X-rays or the naked eye. Each patient's cavity and periodontal disease risk is assessed and a specific prevention plan is established.

Northeast Portland Dentist Dr. Daby uses Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

Smiles on Sandy utilizes only the most current, research-proven technology available. One example is the DIAGNODENT LASER CAVITY DETECTION. The Diagnodent laser shines a harmless laser onto the tooth and records the light as it bounces off the tooth. The device instantly analyzes the reflected light and if there are bacterial biproducts within the tooth, the Diagnodent records the depth of the cavity in the tooth. If the cavity is beyond the point of remineralization, the cavity must be treated. This enables us to treat cavities with very small, conservative fillings. Often these fillings can be done without anesthetic as they are so shallow, versus waiting until they are visible on an X-ray and are now significantly deeper.



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