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Cosmetic Dentistry Portland

Northeast Portland Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Daby can give you the smile of your dreams!Today's dental technology has enabled us to change our patients' smiles into the "Hollywood smiles" seen only in the movies. It truly is amazing what only a couple appointments can do for a person's self-image. PORCELAIN VENEERS are the procedure most asked about. This procedure involves bonding extremely thin "veneers", or "laminates" made of porcelain to a patient's teeth giving them a new shape and shade of white. Two appointments are needed, the first to make a mold of the teeth, sometimes requiring minimal roughening of the teeth to give a good bonding surface. The second appointment, the veneers are bonded and a new smile is unleashed.

Smiles on Sandy also offers Portland, CUSTOM WHITENING TRAYS to whiten teeth to the desired shade. Custom trays are made after impressions are taken of the patient's teeth. A whitening solution is placed in the trays by the patient and worn for approximately 20 minutes for 7-14 days.


Dental services provided by Dr. Jon Daby and Dr. Brett Daby: